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Apple Skin Caramel March 16 2017

Another excellent waste reduction idea coming out of our kitchens. After a big batch of plum and apple jam, Cristy came up with this Apple Skin Caramel to get the most out of the whole apple. Apple skin caramel tastes exactly like tartine syrup or a non alcoholic calvados.

This is delicious spooned over ice cream, a crumble or apple tart. This morning we made peach, ricotta and apple skin caramel muffins for the Marrickville cafe. 

Cristy's Basil Oil March 03 2017

This delicious bright green oil is full of flavour and a great way to use up excess herbs and stems.  Our chief preserver Cristy makes it when we have lots of traded basil from local backyards. Use it drizzled over tomatoes, in pasta, on toast with ricotta or even through a butter cream for cakes! This will also work well with other soft herbs like dill or parsley. 

Sabine's Tomato and Fig Salad December 23 2016

Here is our head chef Sabine's famous, quintessential summer salad that we serve on our annual Tomato Day, during our summer workshops, and in the cafe. By the end of summer, both tomatoes and figs are at their peak: ripe, tasty and abundant. We eat as much as we can, then miss them for the rest of the year.