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Why jars are important in preserving March 06 2019

The importance of using good quality glass jars when preserving and how to know which one is best for the job.  

Christmas cheer with less waste November 30 2017

We love the festive season for friends, family and food. It really is the best time of the year. But it is also one of the most wasteful times of year with excessive packaging, massive amounts of food waste and sometimes unwanted gifts. At Cornersmith we try to make thoughtful choices when planning our celebrations. So this month we have gathered our best tips for cutting down and being mindful of our over-consumption! We hope they help!

Dairy all the whey August 31 2017

This month we are delving into all things dairy; we're putting the spotlight on our favourite dairy based producers and getting to know cheesemaker Kristen Allen. We want to share with you why we love traditional milk-preserving techniques and show you how to do it at home. 

Flour Power June 29 2017

Whether it's the comforting smell of pies and cakes filling the kitchen, or fresh bread being broken at the dinner table, wheat has brought our meals together for thousands of years. This month we highlight the importance of wheat flour to cooking wholesome basics and inspiring the next generation of food lovers.

Lemon Time June 01 2017

Lemon season is in full swing! In Australia, this staple winter fruit is at its peak from June to August, and that is when we see box after box of citrus, and particularly lemons, arrive at the Picklery for trading. This month we begin our celebration of our favourite citrus, the lemon.

Eating with Seasons May 04 2017

At Cornersmith seasonal eating is one of our most important values. We highlight the best of the season on our menus, teach our students how cook with seasonal produce in our workshops and stock our shelves full of seasonal preserved goods to be enjoyed later in the year. We want to share with you why.

Food Waste in Your Kitchen March 30 2017

Food waste is an increasingly pressing problem in the world and the cause of this is our estranged relationship with food. We are buying more food per household than ever before, but conversely we're cooking less. Statistically, this means we are buying five bags of groceries each week and throwing one straight into the bin.

Cornersmith Community March 03 2017

We opened our business five years ago, not just as a place to eat great food and drink coffee, but as a place to share our commitment and philosophy on good food, education and community


Love your Guts February 02 2017

From kimchi to kombucha, fermented foods and beverages have always been part of the Cornersmith kitchens. For those of you who want to understand what fermenting is all about and how to incorporate it in your diet, here are a few tips!

Celebrating, Eating, and Preserving Tomatoes December 23 2016

It’s high summer and a new year, and at Cornersmith that means Tomatoes! Tomatoes on our menus, tomatoes in our jars and Tomato Day workshops!

Planning for a sustainable Christmas November 23 2016

The festive season is coming and we’re looking forward to eating, drinking, giving gifts and having some down time with the people we love. While you’re planning your celebrations it’s important to make thoughtful decisions about what you serve on your table and place under your tree.