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Your Daily Bread


with Food by Holly Davis (co host of The Whole and Natural Foods Chefs Training Program and author and co founder of Iku Wholefood)

Holly has been a long time advocate of fermentation with a particular passion for traditional sourdough baking.  In this workshop she will impart her extensive knowledge in the art of creating, caring for and maintaining a sourdough starter. You will learn proving, shaping and baking techniques that will enable you to fit this art into your busy life. Holly will also teach you how to use your starter to make other wholesome goods such as pancakes and crumpets.

You will leave class with leaven, dough to prove and bake, recipes and notes to inform and inspire and keep you baking at home. Come hungry!

3.5 hours

BOOKING WITH A VOUCHER:  Our vouchers are not redeemable online. Please email info@cornersmith.com.au with your voucher numbername and date of workshop and your contact details. We will be in touch with booking confirmation or if extra payment is required. 


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