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When life gives you lemons


with Alex Elliott-Howery (co-owner of Cornersmith) 

When winter gives you lemons, it's time to preserve! In this workshop Cornersmith owner and preserving master Alex will share her love of lemons and teach you how to bottle their sweet sourness for the whole year. As one of the most useful ingredients in the kitchen every part of the lemon adds brightness and flavour.

Using a range of preserving techniques Alex will show you how to make both sweet and savoury preserves with winter's lemon glut.

You will make and take home:

- Indian lemon pickle, to be served along side more than just Indian dishes
- Sweet lemon jam, that has the perfect balance of sour and sweet
- Classic preserved lemons, that every cook should know how to prepare
- Lemon infused salts and sugars
- Plus Alex will show you how to make her famous limoncello

    After class enjoy a Cornersmith plate, with plenty of pickles and cheese, a glass of wine or house made non alcoholic beverage.

    3 hours 

    BOOKING WITH A VOUCHER:  Our vouchers are not redeemable online. Please email info@cornersmith.com.au with your voucher numbername and date of workshop and your contact details. We will be in touch with booking confirmation or if extra payment is required. 


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