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Tomato Day


with Alex Elliott-Howery (Cornersmith owner) or Ava Stangherlin (Cornersmith chef and preserver)


The traditional Italian Tomato Day has long been a celebration of seasonal eating and bringing community together. At Cornersmith we honour this tradition for modern kitchens, so you can fill your pantry and enjoy Australian tomatoes all year round. Come and learn all there is to know about preserving tomatoes and leave with a skill for life. 

In this half day workshop, you will learn how to make and go home with:

  • roast tomato passata,
  • whole bottled tomatoes,
  • tomato ketchup,
  • tomato chutney,
  • plus tomato drying techniques.

This class is full of all the good things in life: eating, drinking and preserving! 

Lunch and wine included. Book in quick! 

4 hours

To book into this workshop using a gift voucher please email info@cornersmith.com.au