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The Whole Chook


With Ava Stangherlin, Cornersmith chef

Once upon a time a whole chicken on the family table was considered a luxury and there was no excuses for wastage. We think it’s about time that kind of respect returned. Trouble is, most of us don’t know what to do with all those good bits.

In this workshop Cornersmith chef Ava Stangherlin will show you how to treat the whole chook, so you can make many meals from one bird. Learn how to break a chicken down and use every part. This is the kind of skill any home cook can acquire, its economical and essential for reducing food waste.

- Make and take home a court buillion (a quick-ish stock)
- Learn the patient art of rendering your own chicken fat from meaty scraps
- Learn how to make a pate that makes use of your chicken livers and fat. Take home a jar of this luscious aromatic pate and spread generously
- Learn to make the kind of dumplings that feed the soul- nutritious and comforting. Eat them in class with a bowl full of golden stock.


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