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The Waste Free Kitchen: conquering vegetable waste


with Rachel Potter 

The average household throws away 20% of the food they purchase (that's 1 out of 5 grocery bags!) and the environmental consequences of this wastage are considerable. But all change starts in the home and we can make big differences by learning a thing or two about food storage, using up those wrinkly vegetables in the fridge and knowing just how to make the most of your veggie box.

Rachel Potter is a permaculture gardener and educator with a zero waste policy in her home and in this class she is going to share all of her tips and knowledge to help you clean up your food waste act.

Rachel will teach you how to make family meals from what you might have otherwise thrown away, plus learn quick and easy every day preserving methods to help you join the war on waste.

3 hours 

BOOKING WITH A VOUCHER:  Our vouchers are not redeemable online. Please email info@cornersmith.com.au with your voucher numbername and date of workshop and your contact details. We will be in touch with booking confirmation or if extra payment is required. 


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