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The Magic of Mushrooms


With Alex Elliott-Howery (Cornersmith owner)

A little earthy, a little woody, with traces of nuts and cream, the rich flavours of mushrooms makes them one of the heartiest ingredients. Mushrooms are also a remarkable crop, growing in the dark with little resources to develop into food that is nutritious and nourishing to the constitution. We make a feast of their season by cooking our favourite mushroom dishes and preserving the rest to enjoy once the last mushrooms have disappeared from the market. We love mushrooms distinctive flavour and versatility. This is an all-rounder workshop where you will learn great ways to cook mushrooms and well as the essential skills of pickling, drying and bottling to preserve.  

In this vegetarian class you will:

  • Make and take home garlicky pickled mushrooms
  • Make and take home an intensely flavoured mushroom duxelle to use as a quick pasta sauce, a pate or to enrich stews and risottos.
  • Make and take home a mushroom salt to season and add depth to anything
  • In class we will make and eat roasted mushroom broth with mushroom dumplings
  • Enjoy Cornersmith's signature mushroom salad

With limited spaces and a short mushroom season this is a workshop not to be missed.


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