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An Introduction to Natural Dyeing


Leah Giblin (Professional costume maker, designer and art finisher, textile obsessive)

Efforts to reduce chemical and food waste can extend to the clothes we wear and the cloth we use everyday. In this workshop you will turn unwanted kitchen and garden scraps into beautiful and vibrant dyes that don’t cause environmental or personal harm. Leah will cover methods and techniques for dyeing natural fibres with food and plants to create deep and lasting colours. 

You will learn the basic principles of natural dyeing and mordanting and experiment with swatches of natural fibers and dye baths of many colours. Using these techniques you will dye and take home your own silk scarf.

Please feel free to bring a small 100% natural fiber item from home to throw into a colour bath. eg: t-shirt, kid’s clothes, pillowcase, scarf etc.

3 hours

To book into this workshop using a gift voucher please email info@cornersmith.com.au 


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