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Mozzarella & Burrata


with Kristen Allen (Cornersmith supplier) 

In this hands-on workshop you will learn about the best of the stretched curd cheeses. First you will make a mozzarella unlike anything you have ever bought and a fresh burrata - everyone's favourite little bundle of deliciousness. You will also make the creamy stracciatella  - the fine strands of mozzarella, mixed with cream and salt – that that is the decadent filling of burrata.

As always there will be the usual discussions about milk, the cheese making process and ingredients, along with a tasting of the different cheeses made in the class. All this along with the conviviality, food and wine that makes Kristen Allen’s classes so loved.

5 hours 

To book into this workshop using a gift voucher please email info@cornersmith.com.au 


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