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Kimchi Masterclass


with Jaimee Edwards (Cornersmith head fermenter) 

There is a Korean proverb that goes: if you have kimchi and rice – you have a meal.

This masterclass is going to go deep into the tradition and process of making kimchi and with over 200 varieties there is a lot to learn! You will make and take home two kimchis with differing preparation methods, one slow and one quick, both delicious. Jaimee will also demonstrate how to make lesser known styles  such as rice water kimchi and carrot kimchi. This one is for the kimchi crazies who what to know how to ferment and store kimchi but most importantly know about the many, many ways to enjoy the world’s most beloved condiment.

Please note this class focuses on traditional techniques and therefore uses fish sauce in the recipes. For a vegan friendly kimchi please see our Fermenting Vegetables class.

2 hours 

BOOKING WITH A VOUCHER:  Our vouchers are not redeemable online. Please email info@cornersmith.com.au with your voucher numbername and date of workshop and your contact details. We will be in touch with booking confirmation or if extra payment is required. 


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