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Fermenters Starter Kit


This is for those who are beginning their fermenting projects. Andrew Cope’s beautiful handmade fermenting crock and red gum mallet comes with the essential book Kimchi.   This book, written by four generations of Korean women, will guide you through the various ways of preparing one of the most favourite fermented foods in the world.

Crocks regulate temperature very well which is an important consideration when fermenting during our hot summers. They allow you to prepare, ferment and serve from one vessel and this one looks particularly handsome on your kitchen bench.  

This kit includes: 

1 x 2L ceramic crock  28 cm high with a diameter of 17cm.

1 x Red gum mallet is 35cm in length -  an excellent size for household batches of sauerkraut, kimchi and fermented pickles.  

2 x crescent weights for weighing down your ferments

1 x Cookbook Kimchi by Byung-Hi and Byung-Soon Lim


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