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Cornersmith Talks: Sabine Spindler on Reducing your Kitchen Waste


Food waste is an increasingly pressing problem in the world and the cause of this is our estranged relationship with food. We are buying more food per household than ever before, but conversely we're cooking less. Statistically this means we are buying 5 bags of groceries each week and throwing one straight into the bin. 

Cornersmith is committed to reducing its food waste and our head chef and waste warrior Sabine Spindler runs a very tight ship when it comes to waste reduction in our kitchens.

We are holding an informative and practical workshop on managing your kitchen waste, at the Picklery in Marrickville.  

Sabine will show you how to store your fresh produce to make it last for weeks; give you tips on meal planning and portions; and teach you innovative ways to rethink whole vegetable cooking, by extracting as much flavour as possible from the stems, tops and skins of your vegetables. 

Sabine's extensive experience will not only make a huge difference to your waste at the end of the week but also to your household budget.

Join us for a wine, some snacks and walk away feeling like a true waste warrior.



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