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Cornersmith Pickle Party

Are you in a pickle over finding a memorable activity for your next event, activation or party?

Cornersmith has got you covered with our series of unique, hands-on pickling, fermenting and preserving workshops.

Our mini workshops are fast and fun, with a sustainable edge and can be tailored to your event. Your guests will be inspired and impressed with how easy it is to make their own hot sauce or elderflower cordial in a flash.

We’ll come to you and cover all bases with styling, local seasonal produce, equipment and our preserving know how. Your guests will take home what they have made, a Cornersmith recipe and inspiration! 

Some popular choices are:                           Event Structure:

- Hot sauce                                                      Workshops will run by the hour.
- Classic Dill Pickles                                        In one hour, we run 3 x 15 minute 
Flavoured Kombucha                                    workshops.
Wild cocktails                                                Each workshop has the capacity
Foraged sodas, syrups & teas                      of up to 15 – 20 people
Preserved Lemons 
Korean Kimchi                                              So in one hour we can teach 60 people!
And more!

Pricing is dependant on number of people, event duration and location. Please fill out the booking form and we will be in touch with a suitable pricing structure right for you!

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