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Celebrating blood oranges


We continue our love for winter citrus with a special class celebrating the jewel of the season, blood orange. Their sweet sour flavour with delicate notes of berry and dramatic beauty make them Alex’s favourite citrus. From liquors to baked goods, dressing to jams blood oranges are at the centre of this workshop and you won’t believe what an all-rounder this glamorous fruit can be!

In this workshop that is a combination of hands on and demonstration you will:

  • Make and take home a fragrant blood orange jam
  • Make and take home a specialty Japanese citrus condiment called kosho that will become your new staple in the kitchen
  • Make and take home one of our most asked for recipes - blood orange and poppy seed dressing
  • Plus, learn to make a luscious blood orange tart to eat in class, a blood orange liqueur, and blood orange caramel to sample
  • This class is full of flavour cooking and eating. You won’t believe how much can be done with a blood orange

After class enjoy a Cornersmith feast, with plenty of pickles and cheese, a blood orange salad, dessert wine.

3.5 - 4 hours 

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