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A great introduction to the art and science of fermentation

with Jaimee Edwards (Cornersmith's head fermenter)

Join us for a live fermenting class from the comfort of your own kitchen! 

Explore the fun of fermentation. Part magical art, part science, the process of fermentation creates probiotic rich foods that are delicious and healthy. Jaimee has been fermenting for over 10 years. Having done all the experimenting and faced all the challenges she will dispel fears and teach you all about fermented vegetables. In this live Zoom class you will make two classic ferments and learn how to look after them at home and how to enjoy them in your daily meals. 


A traditional sauerkraut with a Cornersmith twist! Jaimee will show you how to turn your vegetable scraps into probiotic goodness

A versatile fermented pickle recipe that you can interchange with your favourite veggies.


Jaimee will demonstrate her favourite spicy carrot kimchi. Authentic, quick and without fuss, this will be your new favourite too.

90 minutes

A few days after booking you will receive a shopping list and equipment list. The day before the class you will be emailed a zoom link and printable recipes. Simply click 15 minutes before the start time to join the fun!

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BOOKING WITH A VOUCHER:  Our vouchers are not redeemable online. Please email info@cornersmith.com.au with your voucher numbername and date of workshop and your contact details. We will be in touch with booking confirmation or if extra payment is required. 


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