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Fermented Lychee Soda using a Ginger Bug February 02 2017

This is a delicious seasonal fermented beverage that uses lacto-fermentation to create a sweet and tart carbonated beverage. In this recipe you are making a ginger bug to inoculate your lychee mix – think of the ginger bug like a sourdough starter. Don’t be alarmed by the amout of sugar in this recipe – the yeasts and bacteria will consume it all and turn it into gut loving lactic acid!

Sabine's Tomato and Fig Salad December 23 2016

Here is our head chef Sabine's famous, quintessential summer salad that we serve on our annual Tomato Day, during our summer workshops, and in the cafe. By the end of summer, both tomatoes and figs are at their peak: ripe, tasty and abundant. We eat as much as we can, then miss them for the rest of the year.

Pickled Peaches November 23 2016

Stone fruit season is back!  These pickled peaches will be amazing on your Christmas table; with your ham, cheeses or through a salad. They also make excellent gifts so get pickling!